Digital Pricing

$75/half hour

This pricing can be used for Family Portraits, Head Shot, Portfolio Build, Event Photography, etc.

What to expect:

  • Family Portrait.  30-40 Retouched images will be digitally delivered.
  • Head Shot.  2-3 High touch images will be digitally delivered.
  • Portfolio.  1-2 High touch, and 5-10 retouched images will be digitally delivered.
  • Event.  All images with color, light, and tilt adjust will be either digitally or thumb drive delivered.

Film Pricing

Upon request.  Film can be shot in 35mm, 120 medium format, or 4×5/8×10 large format.

Paper Negatives Pricing

Paper negative can vary depending on how many images are taken.

$40 (2) 8×10 or (8) 4×5

What to expect:

  • Images will be taken and developed same day.
  • Traditional dark room prints are available but only as the exact same size as original negative (8×10 or 4×5)
  • Scanned images will be digitally delivered

Print Cost

8×10 – $30/each

4×5 – $10/each

Wet Plate Collodion Pricing

Plate sizes in either Glass or Black Aluminum

2.5×3 – $60
3×4 – $80
4×5 – $100
5×7 – $120
6×6/6×8 – $160
8×8/8×10 – $200

What to expect:

  • Each plates takes about 15-20 to create.  Patience, planning, and timing are extremely important.
  • Glass prints can be enlarged with traditional dark room processes.
  • Black Aluminum plates will be ready to go home at the end of the session.
  • Plates can be scanned and digitally delivered.

Video Production Pricing

For Actors

$35 Audition Video

  • 2-3 takes
  • same day turn around
  • digitally uploaded and YouTube linked

Video Production

Pricing can vary depending on the project.  Please directly contact me to get a quote.

Print Pricing Coming Soon

Digital Prints

Cyanotypes Prints

Van Dyke Prints



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